Our Learning

We have learners are at the centre

The learning environment recognises the learners as its core participants, encourages their active engagement and develops in them an understanding of their own activity as learners.

We make learning social

The environment is founded on the social nature of learning and actively encourages well-organised cooperative learning.

We know that emotions have a key role in achievement

Teachers are highly attuned to the learner’s motivations and the key role of emotions in achievement.

We recognise individual differences

The learning environment is acutely sensitive to the individual differences among the learners in it, including their prior knowledge.

We stretch all students

The learning environment devises authentic programmes that demand hard work and challenge from all but without excessive overload.

We include assessment for learning

Expectations are shared using assessment strategies consistent with these expectations; there is a strong emphasis on formative feedback to support learning.

We build  connections

The learning environment promotes connectedness across subjects and context as well as to the community and the wider world.

Ward School Curriculum Learner Profile V1.pdf