Seesaw is the App we use for sharing and celebrating learning.  Learning is a journey and we want our tamariki to share their journey with their whanau. Talking and writing about learning, having an audience, and receiving feedback motivates learners and supports their progress.  Students use creative tools to take pictures, draw, record videos, and more to capture learning in a Seesaw portfolio. Teachers find or create activities to share with students. The Seesaw platform is used for homework activities as well as in class work.

Your child’s teacher will send home a code for your child to use and for you to use and shared with other family members. Parents are notified by the class teacher about classroom and school activities and events via  Seesaw. Parents can also Seesaw their child’s teacher.

Families only have access to their child’s journal. This means you will see student work tagged with your child’s name and posts the teacher tags with ‘Everyone’. Families will also be able to see any comment made by another user on their child’s journal posts.

Download the app or open Seesaw here