School Bus and Travel Allowance

The Board of Trustees contracts Waka Kura to provide a bus service under guidelines set by the Ministry of Education for students who live more than 3.2 km from the school gate. The two bus runs travel down to Parikawa and up to Marfells Beach Road. If you would like your child to use the bus contact the Principal to arrange this. 

All students will be required to complete a bus conduct agreement at the beginning of each year and all must wear a high-viz vest. We have regular safety sessions with the bus students and bus monitors are selected to help ensure children are safe on the bus. 

Mr Dalziel is the Bus Controller and is responsible for bus rolls, bus duty, and changes to bus schedules. If there are changes to your child’s bus arrangements in the afternoon please contact Mr Dalziel or Ms Huria to let them know of changes. If there are changes to pick up arrangements in the morning please let Candi know as soon as you are aware of changes Ph: 03-579 2336 / 027 756 3708 Email:

More information about school transport and guidelines for eligibility is available on the Ministry of Education website: 

Students who are not eligible for the bus may be eligible to receive transport assistance. Criteria for receiving a Transport Conveyance Allowance include:

  • There is not a school bus available, or
  • The student lives more than 2.4 kilometres from the nearest school bus route.
  • There are no “suitable” public transport options.

Further details are on the following links :


Conveyance-Allowance-application-May2019 .pdf