Students enjoy taking part in a diverse range of learning experiences including for example speech competitions with Seddon School, ski trips, gymnastics, kapa haka, music festival, interschool cross country, swimming and athletics, technology for year 7 and 8 students, senior and junior school camps.

The students have access to a number of extracurricular activities at Ward School.

Rock Pool: New Entrants - Year 3

In the Rock Pool we have lots of fun. We have fun reading, writing and doing maths. We do lots of other things too, like playing games inside on the play mat and the messy corner. We play games outside too, like Rugby. We learn a lot about the key competencies that help us with our learning, help at school, at home and they will help us when we get older too. We learn to be respectful to others and kind.

Self management is an important part of being in the Rock Pool. We learn to be leaders and we learn to think for ourselves. When we self manage, we’re learning all kinds of important skills like finding information, finding help and managing time.

New Entrants and Year 1:

We like being little kids in the Rock Pool, because the older ones help us a lot. We can be friends with the older kids and they read us stories.

Year 2 and 3:

We like being older kids in the Rock Pool, because we help the little ones with their reading, writing and maths. Helping little ones teaches us to be patient. By helping the little ones with maths, it helps us learn our maths too.

At Ward School we try our best in everything!

By The Rock Pool

Reef: Years 4 - 8

Our class environment is a warm, friendly place. We welcome new students warmly to our school. We have a unique learning programme, for example, in term two the school split into three groups to explore different types of science. We enjoyed working with all three of our teachers during the term.

This class is rather small but it's better that way. We are independent learners who respond well to challenges. Our teacher thinks we manage our time very well. Everyone is very intelligent in their own ways.

Our values are very important to us. We explore Respect, Resilience, Innovation and Visionary Thinking everyday. Everyone is very kind and caring of others.

Our leadership programme provides amazing opportunities for the students in The Reef. We have five different Ministerial rolls (PM, Deputy, Arts, Sports and Youth Affairs. Each Minister has a different role and sets goals for the term. So far this year the students have organised and run, a mufti day/sausage sizzle to raise money for the children in Fiji, a disco for families, successful lunch time sports and Inter House Competition and colouring in competitions for wet days. Every term the people who have been in one role change so that everyone gets a go at all the different jobs.

Though we are a small school we do big things :)

- Written by all the students in The Reef